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The Novice Piano Program is the only program that you will ever need to Learn to Play Intermediate-level Piano Songs coming from being a Complete Beginner.

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If you really want to learn piano, the Novice Piano Program is proven to take your piano playing to the next level!

​The Unique Program that will Make You Learn Piano in as Little as 45 Days

Especially Designed for Complete Beginners

No previous knowledge required. If you are a complete beginner or has very little knowledge about piano, this program is best suited for you.

Incremental and Easy to Understand

​Lessons are arranged in a proprietary sequence that is easy to follow and understand

Interactive Online Lessons

Lessons are all online and interactive with downloadable worksheets, music sheets, images, video/audio clips, and music illustrations

Video Clips to Ensure Success!

Video clips are important part of checking to see if you are doing it right!

How to Gain that Power to Express Yourself Through Music

I'm Eric Reyes and I am passionate about music. I love to sing and I play the guitar, but playing the piano has always been my first love. I have been playing the piano for almost 30 years now and it still excites me like a first timer whenever I sit on the piano and play. It never gets old in me. There is this unexplainable sense of relief whenever I create beautiful music. It has become a medium to express my emotions, to connect to my inner self, to bring back memories, and a lot more.

I built this site and created this program because I want to share with you this kind of experience. I want to help aspiring pianist like you take the first step, show you the path, lead you to progress and achieve results in your piano learning journey. I want to share my passion to the world... coz music is where my heart belongs.

Eric Reyes

Do You Want To Play The Piano Like This?

Then all you have to do is to master my 
5-Step Formula Of How To Learn Piano:

The lessons in the Novice Piano Program are based on this 5-Step Formula which is proven effective in learning to play piano. 

Mastering this 5-Step Formula will:​

  • ​Equip you with the necessary knowledge in Piano Music Theory
  • ​Develop your fingers ​to be able to play piano with ease and comfort
  • ​Teach you the correct way of how to practice and learn new piano songs on your own

​So that after finishing the program:

You'll have the Power and Confidence to Play the Piano Songs you want just by reading through the sheet music!

Let's take a deep dive into this 5-Step Formula and I'll explain to you how it works.

#​1 - Getting Familiar with the Piano Keys

"So many keys?!?" Do you feel a little bit overwhelmed when you see the bunch of black and white keys in a piano and you don't know what to do with them? 

This program will teach you how to recognize different piano patterns and identify or name all the piano keys easily! You will begin to see that the piano can be divided into different sections instead of seeing just a bunch of black and white keys.

#2 - Learning to Read Notes

There are three (3) ways to learn piano which are – Reading Music, Playing by Ear, and Playing by Chords.

Learning how to read music (notes) is by far the most popular option and encompasses about 90% of the piano playing community. This is because you can play any song by reading sheet music even if you have never heard it, resulting in learning how to play many types of music.

This program will teach you how to read music. You will discover different techniques to read music faster and speed up your piano learning progress.

#3 - Overcoming the "CLUMSY FINGER" Stage

Do you get this clumsy, awkward feeling on your fingers when you are first learning to play piano? Do you sometimes feel frustrated that your hands don’t wanna cooperate and that your brain plays tricks on you? This program understands your struggles.

The beginner exercises in this program will help you gain control over your fingers, develop hand coordination, and build finger strength and flexibility to help you play the piano with ease and comfort.

#​4 - Learning Piano Music Theory (the easy way)

​There is no easier way to learn piano music theory than to apply each new concept you learn into actual practice. The Novice Piano Program is packed with practice song exercises to reinforce what you have learned in each and every lesson. Essential lessons in music theory include the following:

  • ​Note & Rest Values
  • ​Rhythms
  • ​Sight Reading Techniques
  • How To Use Guide Notes
  • ​Grand Staff
  • ​Simple Compositions Techniques
  • music
    ​Time Signature
  • ​​Song Structures and More Composition Techniques
  • Musical Dynamics
  • ​​How to Play Legato vs. Staccato
  • ​Complex Rhythms
  • ​​How to Play Scales
  • Harmonic vs. Melodic Intervals
  • music
    Key Signature
  • ​Chord and Chord Inversions
  • ​Identifying Chord Progressions
  • ​C​omposing with Chords
  • Ties vs. Slur
  • ​Accidentals (sharps & flats)
  • music
    ​Counting Anacrusis
  • music
    ​And a lot more!

#5 - ​Learning Songs through Correct Practice

Learning to play new piano songs can be frustrating IF you don’t know the proper way to practice. Studying new songs is NOT as straight forward as reading the sheet music and memorizing the left and right hand notes.

If you are constantly fighting the urge to quit learning piano due to frustration and you feel like you’re not talented enough, it is usually because your practice method is ​flawed.

You don’t have to spend lots of time in practice and make very little progress. This program will teach you the correct and proper way to practice so that every second you spend on your piano counts!

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    ​Lifetime access to all levels of the Novice Piano Program including all future updates (Priced at $59)
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    Email Consultations for 3 months (Priced at $19/mo) - I'll be your Online Piano Mentor. For any questions you have about the lessons in the program, you can send me an email at [email protected] and I would gladly be of help to you 
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    Ready to Print Worksheets and Music Sheets you will receive a compilation of all the worksheets and music sheets in the Novice Piano Program

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​Obtain easy access to your lessons by printing them to have a hard copy of all your lesson materials.

​Download these Ready-to-Print ebooks which contain all the lessons in the Novice Piano Program. It also has ready-to-print worksheets and music sheets if you prefer to have your own printed copies.

​These 3-series ebooks also comes with ​video files of the song exercises which are also available for download.


(Priced at $59)

Be able to play these 10 popular songs even if you're not yet an expert in reading music sheets. These songs are especially arranged for piano beginners. 

This interactive ebook does not only contain music sheets but also embedded videos that will show you how to play each song. Each video will show you the piano keys to play for both the right and left hands.

Thanks to the Lighted Key Technology brought to us by Synthesia. 

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(Priced at $19)

This interactive ebook contains 10 basic finger exercises for beginners to develop finger strength, speed, stability and evenness in fingers. It contains video demonstrations of each of the exercises to show you exactly how to do them.

This is the perfect companion for the Novice Piano Program! Starting at Level III, you are advised to practice these finger exercises for at least 5-10 minutes before you proceed with your lessons in the program.

You get ALL these when you become a Premium Member NOW!

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Honestly, if you are really serious about learning to play piano, I believe it would cost you more if you don't take advantage of this offer - both in missed opportunity and chance to learn piano at the soonest time possible.

Simply put, if you go through the lessons in the program and practice the song exercises, you'll surely learn your way towards becoming a piano player yourself ... in fact, I guarantee it!

30 Day "Iron Clad, Rock Solid, 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

Take a full 30 days to go through the entire Novice Piano Program program as well as the other bonuses included in the Complete Beginner Package. Study the lessons, set a regular schedule to practice the song exercises as well as the finger exercises.

If you didn't learn how to play the piano, read music sheets, develop sight reading skills, etc., then all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and I'll give you a complete refund.

If you aren’t satisfied with the program, then I would not feel right to keep your money so I make it easy to get a refund. Just to make it clear, this is an unconditional money back guarantee – no strings attached, no questions asked, no explanation needed. I won’t even ask you to give back the books that you downloaded. How can I do that anyway?

I'm actually the one taking the risk here. But I trust that you will be honest and that you won't rip me off. It's because I'm confident that this program will work for you and soon you will be overwhelmed with gratitude that you have acquired and develop the art of playing the piano through this program.

Eric Reyes

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1. Click on the "Upgrade To Premium" button to proceed to checkout.

Simply enter your details as you normally would when buying online.

2. Click on the Return To Merchant button after payment.

This will take you straight through the home page of teachyourselfpiano101.com. In the homepage, click on Member's Area in the main menu and you should be able to have access to all levels of the Novice PIano Program as well download the bonuses included in the package.

3. Go through the lessons, download the bonuses, and start learning!

It couldn't be easier. You'll have instant access to the program straight after payment even if it's 3:00am in the morning! We will also send you an email containing instructions on how to access the program and download the bonuses.

So go ahead and click on the Upgrade To Premium button below and I'll see you on the other side!

60% Discount Offer is good only until October 10, 2018

Only $49.00 $19.99!!

Warning: This Program May Not Be Right For You

In as much as I would like to say that this program is for everyone... to be brutally honest, it is NOT. 

Check out the guidelines below and evaluate yourself if you are the person described in the GREEN or in the RED box. If you are the person described in the RED box, then I am sorry to say that this program is not for you. But if you are the person described in the GREEN box, then there's no other way to move forward but to enjoy the benefits of becoming a Premium member and take your piano playing to the next level!

this is for you...

  • check-circle-o
    If you are willing to study the lessons in the program and have dedication and time to practice the song exercises
  • check-circle-o
    If you love music and value the time/money you invest for your learning and personal growth
  • check-circle-o
    If you can follow simple instructions about how you should do your piano practice (remember that correct practice is important!)
  • check-circle-o
    If you want to be able to play your favorite songs on the piano

this is not for you...

  • times-circle-o
    If you are looking for a product similar to a "magic pill" that will make you instantly learn piano even without practice
  • times-circle-o
    If music or creating music does not give you much joy nor fulfillment
  • times-circle-o
    If you are incapable of following simple instructions
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    If you believe that investing for your learning and personal growth is a waste of time/money

60% Discount Offer is good only until October 10, 2018

Only $49.00 $19.99!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this program work for me?

What kind of piano/keyboard should I buy?

What kind of help and support is provided?

I'm busy. How much time should I allot in my piano practice?

The Best Time to Start Learning Piano is NOW!

I like the inspiring wisdom found in this old Chinese proverb:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Don't get left behind. This offer is valid for a limited time only. Music is your passion... Take Action! Click on the button below and get started!

The Best Time to Start Learning Piano is NOW!

I like the inspiring wisdom found in this old Chinese proverb:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Don't get left behind. This offer is valid for a limited time only. Music is your passion... Take Action! Click on the button below and get started!

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