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The easy way to learn piano or keyboard

The easy way to learn piano or keyboard

​What is the Piano Chord Magic Course?

Piano Chord Magic is a piano course for beginners and it mainly focuses on the Mastery of Piano Chords. Now what does this mean?

Imagine how people learn to play guitar. Guitar players do not need to learn how to read notes to be able to play. Instead, they need to learn the different guitar chords, and learn to strum the strings in various rhythms and that's it! They are playing guitar!

This is the same way with Piano Chord Magic. You will learn all the piano chords and the various rhythms that you can use to play the chords. Once you have mastered piano chord playing, you will be able to play any song you want as long as you know the chords of the song.

Allow me to guide you on your piano learning journey!

The easy way to learn piano or keyboard

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Meet the Creator of this ​Course

I'm Eric Reyes and I am passionate about music. I love to sing and I play the guitar, but playing the piano has always been my first love. I have been playing the piano for almost 30 years now and it still excites me like a first timer whenever I sit on the piano and play. It never gets old in me. There is this unexplainable sense of relief whenever I create beautiful music. It has become a medium to express my emotions, to connect to my inner self, to bring back memories, and a lot more.

I built this site and created this program because I want to share with you this kind of experience. I want to help aspiring pianist like you take the first step, show you the path, lead you to progress and achieve results in your piano learning journey. I want to share my passion to the world... coz music is where my heart belongs.

Eric Reyes

See What Others Are Saying about Eric and the Piano Chord Magic Course

​My first thought was that it's impossible to learn online with no teacher to spot the mistakes and to correct at once.

​But when I tried the lessons, I felt I was learning!! ​PCM course's magic is indeed working!

​Lilian - ​Retiree

​My gratefulness to you is beyond words.

​I'm always looking forward the next day for another practice session like a kid on his first day of school!

​Caloy - ​Guitar Enthusiast

I like the way you tutor me. 

The lessons are very clear and easy to follow.

​Concepcion - Choir Member

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