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Inside you'll learn...

  • Piano Fundamentals: Proper way to sit on the piano and the correct hand shape when laying your hands on the piano keys
  • Different Piano Patterns to easily familiarize yourself with the 88-keys of the piano
  • Learn about note reading, basic rhythms, correct fingering, and much more!
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    Several song exercises to develop finger strength, stability, and speed
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    Play your first piano piece with confidence!

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Why Choose the Novice Piano Program?

Especially Designed for Complete Beginners

No previous knowledge required. If you are a complete beginner or has very little knowledge about piano, this program is best suited for you.

Incremental and Easy to Understand

Lessons are arranged in a proprietary sequence that is easy to follow and understand

Interactive Online Lessons

Lessons are all online and interactive with downloadable worksheets, music sheets, images, video/audio clips, and music illustrations

Video Clips to Ensure Success!

Video clips is important part of checking to see if you are doing it right!

Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To Me?

I'm Eric Reyes and I am passionate about music. I love to sing and I play the guitar, but playing the piano has always been my first love. I have been playing the piano for almost 30 years now and it still excites me like a first timer whenever I sit on the piano and play. It never gets old in me. There is this unexplainable sense of relief whenever I create beautiful music. It has become a medium to express my emotions, to connect to my inner self, to bring back memories, and a lot more.

I built this site and created this program because I want to share with you this kind of experience. I want to help aspiring pianist like you take the first step, show you the path, lead you to progress and achieve results in your piano learning journey. I want to share my passion to the world... coz music is where my heart belongs.

Eric Reyes

Allow me to guide you on your piano learning journey!

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    Do you want to fulfill your desire of learning to play the piano?
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    Have you always wanted to play your favorite songs on the piano?
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    Do you want to learn piano but you don't think you're good enough?
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    Are you lost as to which piano program is suitable for you?
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    Are you looking for a piano course that really works? 

Is This Program Right For You?

Below is a set of questions to help you evaluate yourself if this program is right for you:

  • Are you a complete beginner (no piano knowledge at all) or a beginner (very limited piano knowledge) who would like to learn how to play piano?
  • Do you want to learn how to read sheet music?
  • Do you have a piano/keyboard that you can use for practice? If none, can you acquire one?
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    Are you willing to allot 15 to 20 minutes of your time atleast 3x a week for piano practice?

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